Marrakech – 700 000 inhabitants, the third city and tourist capital of Morocco, which will celebrate its 1000th candle in 2062. I think a few days in the fall, along a five to six-day weekend, and here is the list of things I would have wanted to do or see there. If you have other recommendations, do not hesitate.


1/9 Show Must Marrakech

  • The Koutoubia mosque – the symbol of Marrakech, the church building must, whose name means “The Mosque of the booksellers’, and towards which the Moroccans turn to prayer
  • Ben Youssef Madrasa – Koranic school in Marrakech, the most recognized of all Maghrib
  • Jemaa el Fna – the center of the city, where snake charmers, tattoo artists and acrobats, street restaurateurs attract a packed crowd which then redirects to the souks and the small stalls of marabouts and teeth pullers.
  • Saadian Tombs – a royal necropolis where we learn a little more about the history of the region
  • The Majorelle Gardens – the most beautiful botanical garden in the city
  • The Palace of Bahia – a princess palace consists of about 160 rooms, to believe in the
  • Arabian Nights
  • The Museum of Marrakech
  • The garden of Menara – the largest olive grove in the city that spans over a hundred hectares just outside the town, ideal for strolling a morning stroll or picnic
  • The Museum Dar Si Said – who celebrates Moroccan craftsmanship

2 / Stop at Karma Coffee

The place has just opened its doors – the middle of the Mohammed VI Avenue, the main artery of the city, the place will be the new flora coffee Marrakech, the intellectual hub where most political conversations enthusiastic alongside a large library and an art gallery are constantly exposed sculptures, drawings, paintings. Showcase of Moroccan arts scene is there, we will find the most contemporary Morocco and, perhaps, the Morocco of tomorrow.

3 / (Re) take a trip to Ouarzazate

The time of day, the time for a little weekend review the Sarho I discovered last year . See this article!

4 / All About Saffron

This is probably one of my favorite spices – and most expensive in the world. Saffron, which Morocco is a leading producer nations, requires 150,000 crocus flowers for 1kg of spice.

Around Marrakech, it is possible to visit several saffron like Ourika where tourists can take a walk in the fields and workshops where the workers work.

“Paradise Safran, on the road of Ourika in Marrakech, is a biological saffron run by a friendly Swiss woman, in love with Morocco, Christine Ferrari. We learn all about saffron and medicinal and aromatic plants. Gardens for a walk full of flavor, with commentary by the hostess. An ideal place for lovers of nature and calm, “according to the website

5 / Getting lost in the souks

Where over 40 000 artisans each day.

6 / Make the ascent of Jebel Toubkal

The culmination of the High Atlas and North Africa, above 4167 meters, 63 km south of Marrakech. To see a piece of Morocco which is not in the habit of thinking to discover a holy place for the Berber culture and take the opportunity to learn a little more about this minority. The ascent is not difficult and trekkers find it very easy material, guides or organized tours.

7 / Talk with a wizard

Read about Marrakech City Guide :

Place Rhaba Kadima has become the core supply magicians and healers who still hold an important place in Moroccan society. These wizards of ancient times there come here to stock up dust from the eyes of various species, lizards, snake skins, goose legs but also dried herbs, remedies and potions of all kinds. The magical essences of ancestral rituals of white magic or black magic abound not forgetting of course, the famous argan oil and other essential oils … You will also see a selection of live animals, turtles, chameleons who will end up as sacrifice or ingredient of a drug of Moroccan traditional medicine.


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