Travel To Morocco: Visit The 6 Most Beautiful Cities Moroccan


In Morocco, you will discover the beautiful Sahara desert by camel, camping under the stars with the Berber tribes, chasing bargains in the heated atmosphere of the souks and surfing on some of the most beautiful beaches ‘Africa.

Discover the 6 most beautiful cities to explore during your tour in Morocco, and the best hotels to reside for a great value … traveler from Word, we have selected our favorite establishments throughout Morocco!


The capital of Morocco and the royal family is an airy and very clean city. This is the place if you want some place you go green and large tree lined avenues away from the usual bustle of big cities. The Royal Palace and the mosque are the main sights not to be missed, built in the finest tradition of Islamic architecture.
Another landmark, the Hassan Tower, a beautiful finely carved minaret built in 1195 and surrounded by towers peaking at 44 meters high (the site contains the tombs of King Mohammed V and his son).
for those seeking calm, go into the almost secret and hidden Andalusian garden, located at the entrance to the Kasbah Oudayas (do not listen to “guides” who will tell you that some access doors are closed that day, continue your way …). Moroccan women take refuge there to escape the heat and enjoy the green gardens on several levels, a true paradise.
Finally, a somewhat surreal ride, stroll through the ruins dotted with fruit trees of the ancient Roman city Sala Colonia and Merinid Chellah necropolis . Moroccans say this is the most romantic site flap … Notice to lovers!


The city of Marrakech will put all your senses in turmoil, especially if you stay at a hotel in the central square of Jemaa el Fna.
Do not miss this city, the splendid minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, the El Badi Palace (built in the 16th century and today is gradually turning into ruins, but still extremely beautiful and impressive) or the Ben Youssef Madrasa, a Koranic school in the sumptuous architecture which was also built in the 16th century.
Otherwise you can not leave Marrakech without getting in one of his famous souks, but beware, you will have to haggle (or buy high, that’s the rule!). The night markets are very popular and are often composed of stalls of various Moroccan food: the perfect place for a local treat!
Good to know: around Jemaa el Fna, you will find many buildings with restaurants, bars and cafes with panoramic terraces. Sit back, enjoy it for a cup of tea admiring the Atlas and look down the crowd, snake charmers and acrobats that offer exotic and entertaining show.

Where to stay : If you are looking for a hotel in Marrakech , know that the beautiful Riad Khabia won one of the three Excellence Award 2012 Best Hostel Bookers Establishment! Located in the historic Medina, this property offers private rooms and suites with private terraces. Personally, we love the beautiful pool, nice traditional patio and terrace with panoramic views where you can taste the mint tea or free breakfast. Honestly, what more? Other popular establishments of travelers, the Dar Houdou and Riad Attouyour for their part respectively won the award for Best Atmosphere and Best Personnel.


Essaouira is a lovely little harbor town lined beaches. The atmosphere was always very “hippie-bohemian”, relaxed and very popular with backpackers, and some brand used as Jimi Hendrix went there regularly in the past.
Most tourists come to Marrakech located 3 hours by bus, and then go to Agadir that even in the south of the coast, after Essaouira. Between Agadir and Essaouira, you will find some of the best surfing beaches in the country: Sidi Kaouki and Safi.
For those who love music, Jun takes place every year on the Gnaoua World Music Festival, which attracts thousands of people from around the world.

On the main beach, it is possible to do horse or camel, and also to drive quads. All along there are many small bars and restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood, caught the same day, and know that the food served in Essaouira has the reputation of being the best in the country (especially the tagines, yum!).


You read it right before, Agadir is found not far from Essaouira, further south on the coast. The atmosphere is totally different: Agadir is more ‘touristy’ and less ‘authentic’, but is still worth a visit, especially for those who love the beach (though not recommended for those fleeing the touristy places …)!
A once in Agadir, the main “attraction” is the beautiful sandy beach that awaits you, and of course surfing. If you stay in a hotel by the sea, most of them own private beaches reserved for their clients.
The city is modern and airy as it was completely rebuilt in 1960 after an earthquake. Many shops and restaurants are near the beach. The Kasbah is located on a beautiful hill is the only historical building in town, and it is also possible to visit the port, especially if you want to eat fish and seafood for cheap …

Where to stay : our properties in Agadir is the Sindibad hotel , voted Best Hotel Cheap as part of HostelBookers Award for Excellence 2012. We fully support the excellent quality / price: private rooms from 13 50 € per night per person, perfectly clean, an attentive staff for guests (it is really fun to be treated like royalty!) and the best: a swimming pool and solarium on the roof, which is benefits without limit. Gorgeous !


Fes was long the capital of Morocco, before Rabat takes his place, and also part of the list of 4 old Morocco’s imperial cities with Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes.
You can visit the tanneries, very known Morocco and really impressive. The Medina of Fez is the largest and oldest in the country: its narrow streets, its street vendors and the excitement of the place are a unique experience! Do not be afraid to haggle, especially if you go off-season (fewer tourists, sellers are more willing to negotiate), it is possible to do real business. And as in any souk, you seem less interested in an item, most likely you’ll get a discount …

Where to stay : in Fez, both institutions have won the Excellence Award 2012 Best HostelBookers Establishment! The first of them is the Dar Hafsa Fes, housed in a superb traditional Moroccan house of the 19th century. We love the terrace on the roof that offers stunning views of the Medina and the surrounding mountains. The other property is crowned the Riad Verus , one of our favorites, which organizes many activities like traditional Moroccan henna tattoos, sessions hammam, massages Berber and Moroccan cooking classes … Perfect for your pleasure ! The setting is gorgeous, and customers love to enjoy the panoramic terrace at dusk.


Set in the hills of the Rif, Chefchaouen has a particularly relaxed atmosphere. All buildings in the center are painted in a beautiful and restful shade of blue / lavender, which gives an atmosphere that is very Zen and a little surreal to the city …
The city is also known for the production of leather, which explains that many shops offer beautiful bags, shoes and leather sandals at affordable prices.
Do not forget to visit the small abandoned church which is at the top of the hill and from there, admire the stunning views of the city .

Good to know : If you are looking for a hotel in Marrakech , Agadir, Fez and other Moroccan cities, and you have a small budget, know that our Excellence Award 2012 has rewarded many Moroccan institutions for their work and exceptional quality reception.These institutions have been elected by HostelBookers customers who have resided in 2012, it comes to prizes awarded in a completely impartial manner, to guide you towards the best hotel establishments!


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