This is in Marrakech that starts our trip to Morocco. First immersion in the country, Jemaa el Fna. On this large square bustling downtown Marrakech dozens of stalls offer culinary delights of Morocco. The place is picturesque.

Our flight Paris – Marrakech

Our flight to Marrakech, found via the comparator liligo, hand at 9:30 of Paris. The aircraft of the Royal Air Morocco is modern, nothing to report.However, for the Casablanca route => Marrakech Boeing seems that transports us to another age and travel is stressful. The noise is deafening and chaotic flight so that people do not seem reassured. A bit like us! With the time difference is 1:00 p.m. when our plane lands in Marrakech.

Taxi Marrakech airport

Taxi Marrakech airport
Taxi Marrakech airport

Our first encounter with the country is the ritual of negotiation taxi to leave the airport. Obviously, we got rolling! We say we will do better later, once the temperature of the outlet country! Our taxi is a Fiat 80 s able to say the least means and Spartan comfort. Our driver is nervous that does not hesitate to cross the white line to double … Probably the enormous price paid allowed us to move faster than others.


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